Lara Spendier

Year of Graduation: 2011
After my Bachelor studies at TU Vienna, I was looking for a challenging and interesting Master programme and found it right away: the Master in Computational Intelligence. Now, some years later and looking back, I am convinced that enrolling this Master was the right choice. It offers a vast variety of (basic and advanced) courses in many different areas, such as logic, formal verification, artificial intelligence, or algorithms (just to name a few). Moreover, there is a high degree of freedom when it comes to choosing the area(s) you want to specialize in. I personally really loved the fact that I could put my individual focus on the topics of my choice. Another great advantage is that, from the first semester on, you work together with the top researchers in the field - they will be your lecturers, project and thesis advisors. This way, you will be exposed to state-of-the-art research and get the chance to work on something exciting and intellectually challenging in your projects and your thesis. After graduating, I decided to continue my studies in logic (one of the areas I specialized in during the Master) and started a PhD. Some study colleagues also started a PhD, whereas others started a career in industry as consultants or software engineers.