The Masters in Logic and Computation offers courses in four areas:

  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Knowledge representation and artificial intelligence
  • Logic, mathematics and theoretical computer science
  • Programming languages and verification

The program starts with a few basic courses that provide solid foundations of the four areas  (27 ECTS in 1st semester, 6 ECTS in 2nd semester).

From the 2nd semester, you can focus on the tracks and courses of your choice (picking courses for 48 ECTS from at least two areas, minimum 9 ECTS per track). Additionally, you can take soft skill courses (4.5 ECTS) and free choice courses (4.5 ECTS). With the Master thesis you can get 30 more ECTS to reach the 120 required for graduation.

Some sample course picks from different areas of study are given on the links below: