Nadia Labai

  • Project Assistant, MSc
  • TU Wien
  • Institut für Informationssysteme 184/4
  • Favoritenstraße 9–11
  • 1040 Wien
  • Austria

  • Room: HA 03 07
  • Phone: +43 (1) 58801 - 740051
  • Email: labai [at]

Research Interests

  • Description Logics, Decidable Fragments of First Order Logic, Finite Model Theory

Current Position



  1. N. Labai, M. Homola, and M. Ortiz, Constructive Satisfiability Procedure for ALC^P(Z) (Preliminary Report) [pdf][bibtex], in: Proceedings of the 30th International Workshop on Description Logics, Montpellier, France, July 18-21, 2017.
  2. N. Labai and J.A. Makowsky, On the exact learnability of graph parameters: The case of partition functions [pdf][bibtex], in: Proceedings of the 41st International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MFCS 2016, Krakow, Poland, August 22-26, 2016, pages 63:1–63:13.
  3. N. Labai and J.A. Makowsky, Hankel matrices for weighted visibly pushdown automata [pdf][bibtex], in: Proceeding of Language and Automata Theory and Applications: 10th International Conference, LATA 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, March 14-18, 2016, pages 464–477.
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  6. N. Labai and J.A. Makowsky, Tropical graph parameters [pdf][bibtex], in: DMTCS Proceedings, 26th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics, FPSAC 2014, Chicago, Illinois, pages 357–368.
  7. N. Labai and J.A. Makowsky, Weighted automata and monadic second order logic [pdf][bibtex], in: EPTCS 119, Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics and Formal Verification, GandALF 2013, Borca di Cadore, Dolomites, Italy, August 29-31, 2013, pages 122–135.