Maya Olszewski

  • Project Assistant, MSc
  • TU Wien
  • Institute for Logic and Computation, Theory and Logic Group
  • Favoritenstraße 9–11
  • 1040 Wien
  • Austria
  • Room: HA 04 07
  • Email: maya [at]

Research Interests

  • Deontic Logic, Normative Systems.

Current Position


  • MSc in Information and Computer Sciences (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • BA in Mathematical Sciences (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)


  • Prix Germain Dondelinger - Best Master Thesis Award, by the "Amis de l'Université du Luxembourg"


  1. Olszewski M., Parent X. and van der Torre L. Input/output logic with a consistency check – the case of permission. To appear in: Fenrong Liu, Alessandra Marra, Paul Portner, and Frederik Van De Putte (eds.). Deontic Logic and Normative Systems: 15th International Conference (DEON2020/2021, Munich). London: College Publications, 2021 [pdf]
  2. Olszewski M., Meder J., Kieffer E., Bleuse R., Rosalie M., Danoy G. and  Bouvry P.  (2018) Visualizing the Template of a Chaotic Attractor. In: Biedl T., Kerren A. (eds) Graph Drawing and Network Visualization. GD 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11282. Springer, Cham