Sarah Gaggl

Year of Graduation: 2009
First occupation after graduation: Research assistant at the Database and Artificial Intelligence group at TU-Wien
Current occupation: Post-doctoral research assistant at the Computational Logic group at TU-Dresden Germany
Sarah Gaggl

What was your initial motivation to study CI?

During my bachelor studies I figured out that the subjects Logic and Artificial Intelligence interested me the most. Furthermore I wanted to pursue a career in academia, thus it was a logical choice to continue with the master program CI.

What did you like about studying CI?

I had the possibility to get a profound background in the topics that interested me the most. Starting from history of Logic to recently very active research areas. As the classes were quite small the courses were very interactive which was a total change to the bachelor studies with sometimes 200 students in one course. Several courses were interesting, challenging and inspiring at the same time.

What did you not like?

The study regulations changed several times within a short period, which made it difficult to collect correctly the required credits at the end.

How did the master's program contribute to your career?

While working on my masters thesis I had the possibility to deepen my knowledge and also to publish two articles at an international conference and at a workshop. Moreover, I acquired a PhD position at a project related to my thesis topic. So I would say the close work together with my supervisors had a strong influence on my future career plans.