Stefan Szeider

Professor at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms


Research Interests
Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Computational Logic, Satisfiability (SAT), Constraint Satisfaction, Graph and Hypergraph Decompositions, Fixed-Parameter Tractability, Theoretical Aspects of AI

Biographical Information
Stefan Szeider has been a full professor at the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, since 2010.  Peviously he was first Lecturer and then Reader at the University of Durham, UK from 2004 to 2009 and a postdoc with Professor Stephen Cook’s Group at the University of Toronto (2002-2004). In 2001 he obtained a PhD in Mathematics while working as researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Szeider, whose Erdős Number is 2, has published more than hundred articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings.