Marijana Lazić

  • Project Assistant, MSc
  • TU Wien
  • Institut für Informationssysteme 184/4
  • Favoritenstraße 9–11
  • 1040 Wien
  • Austria

Research Interests

  • Formal methods, Parameterized Model Checking, Verification of Fault Tolerant Distributed Algorithms

Current Position



  1. I. Konnov, M. Lazić, H. Veith, J. Widder, Para^2: Parameterized Path Reduction, Acceleration, and SMT for Reachability in Threshold-Guarded Distributed Algorithms [bibtex][pdf], in: Formal Methods in System Design, Springer, 2017.
  2. I. Konnov, M. Lazić, H. Veith, J. Widder, A Short Counterexample Property for Safety and Liveness Verification of Fault-tolerant Distributed Algorithms [pdf][bibtex][preprint+proofs], in: Proceedings of the 44th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, POPL 2017, Paris, France, January 18-20, 2017, pages 719-734, 2017.
  3. E. Aichinger, M. Lazić, N. Mudrinski, Finite generation of congruence preserving functions [pdf][doi][bibtex], in: Monatshefte für Mathematik, volume 181, pages 35–62, 2016.


  • Zonta Club Wien 1 mobility grant for female researchers, 2016